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March 8, 2014

Dynasties in Chinese history

Below is a table of the dynasties in Chinese history . In most cases the dates given in the table are the commonl...

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Ancient China: an ancient cultural and geographic entity in continental East Asia
     Chinese noble
     Wu Hu

China History
     Chinese historiography
     Imperial examination
     Xia Dynasty
     Xinhai Revolution
     Xungen movement
     Yakub Beg
     Yan (state)
     Timeline of Chinese history
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China Information
     Capitals of subnational entities of China
     Sex-selective abortion and infanticide
     Work unit
     People's Republic of China
     Mainland China
     Chinese nationalism
     Flag of the People's Republic of China
     Historical Chinese anthems
     March of the Volunteers
     Autonomous region of China
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China News
     Xinmin Weekly
     Yazhou Zhoukan
     Communications in China
     Media in China
     China Daily
     China News Service
     Hebei Daily
     People's Daily
     Sichuan Ribao
     Xinhua News Agency
     List of Chinese language television channels
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China Picture: A beautiful country
     The Great Wall

Chinese ethnics
     Yao people
     List of past Chinese ethnic groups
     Zhonghua minzu
     Demographics of China
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Famous China School & University
     List of Famous China University
     Education in China
     Anhui University
     Beijing Forestry University
     Beijing Institute of Technology
     Beijing Jiaotong University
     Beijing Language and Culture University
     Beijing Normal University
     Beijing University
     Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
     Beijing University of Chemical Technology
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Map of China: Map of China, Hong Kong Map, Taiwan Map
     Geography of China

     Communications in Taiwan
     Culture of Taiwan
     Economy of Taiwan
     New Taiwan dollar
     People First Party
     Photography of Taiwan
     Politics of Taiwan
     Strait of Taiwan
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