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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
List of Hong Kong MTR stations


This is a list of the metro station|stations of the Hong Kong metro system known as the MTR.
Category:Train_stations|MTRCategory:Lists_of_metro_stations|Hong Kong MTRCategory:Railway stations of Hong Kong

Names are in both English language|English and Cantonese.

Livery Station Districts of Hong Kong|District Transfer
Tsuen Wan Line
Central (MTR)|Central
Formerly Chater
Central and Western district|Central and Western Island Line (MTR)|Island Line
Hong Kong Station (MTR)|Hong Kong station for Tung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line and Airport Express (MTR)|Airport Express
Admiralty (MTR)|Admiralty Island Line (MTR)|Island Line
Tsim Sha Tsui (MTR)|Tsim Sha Tsui Yau Tsim Mong East Tsim Sha Tsui (KCRC)|East Tsim Sha Tsui station for KCRC East Rail (KCRC)|East Rail
Jordan (MTR)|Jordan
Yau Ma Tei (MTR)|Yau Ma Tei
Formerly Waterloo
Kwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Mong Kok (MTR)|Mong Kok
Formerly Argyle
Kwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Prince Edward (MTR)|Prince Edward Kwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Sham Shui Po (MTR)|Sham Shui Po Sham Shui Po
Cheung Sha Wan (MTR)|Cheung Sha Wan
Lai Chi Kok (MTR)|Lai Chi Kok
Mei Foo (MTR)|Mei Foo KCRC West Rail (KCRC)|West Rail
Lai King (MTR)|Lai King Kwai Chung Tung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line
Kwai Fong (MTR)|Kwai Fong
Kwai Hing (MTR)|Kwai Hing
Tai Wo Hau (MTR)|Tai Wo Hau Kwai Tsing and Tsuen Wan
Tsuen Wan Station (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan Tsuen Wan West (KCRC)|Tsuen Wan West station for KCRC West Rail (KCRC)|West Rail (no direct connection)

Kwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Whampoa Garden (MTR)|Whampoa Garden (planning)Hung Hom
Ho Man Tin (MTR)|Ho Man Tin (planning)Ho Man Tin
Yau Ma Tei (MTR)|Yau Ma Tei
Formerly Waterloo
Yau Ma TeiTsuen Wan (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line
Mong Kok (MTR)|Mong Kok
formerly Argyle
Mong KokTsuen Wan (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line
Prince Edward (MTR)|Prince EdwardMong KokTsuen Wan Line (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line
Shek Kip Mei (MTR)|Shek Kip MeiSham Shui Po
Kowloon Tong (MTR)|Kowloon TongKowloon TongKCRC East Rail (KCRC)|East Rail
Lok Fu (MTR)|Lok FuWong Tai Sin
Wong Tai Sin (MTR)|Wong Tai SinWong Tai Sin
Diamond Hill (MTR)|Diamond HillWong Tai Sin
Choi Hung (MTR)|Choi HungWong Tai Sin / Kwun Tong
Kowloon Bay (MTR)|Kowloon BayNgau Tau Kok
Ngau Tau Kok (MTR)|Ngau Tau KokNgau Tau Kok
Kwun Tong Station (MTR)|Kwun TongKwun Tong
Lam Tin (MTR)|Lam TinKwun Tong
Yau Tong (MTR)|Yau TongKwun TongTseung Kwan O (MTR)|Tseung Kwan O Line
Tiu Keng Leng (MTR)|Tiu Keng LengRennie's MillTseung Kwan O (MTR)|Tseung Kwan O Line
Island Line (MTR)|Island Line
Sai Ying Pun (MTR)|Sai Ying PunCentral and Western district|Central and WesternWest Island Line (MTR)|West Island Line (planning)
Sheung Wan (MTR)|Sheung WanSheung Wan
Central (MTR)|Central
Formerly Pedder
Central, Hong Kong|CentralTsuen Wan Line (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line, Airport Express (MTR)|Airport Express and Tung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line via Hong Kong Station (MTR)|Hong Kong station
Admiralty (MTR)|AdmiraltyCentral, Hong Kong|CentralTsuen Wan Line (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line
Wan Chai (MTR)|Wan ChaiWan ChaiSouth Island Line (MTR)|South Island Line (planning)
Causeway Bay (MTR)|Causeway BayCauseway Bay
Tin Hau (MTR)|Tin HauCauseway Bay / North Point
Fortress Hill (MTR)|Fortress HillNorth Point
North Point (MTR)|North PointNorth PointTseung Kwan O (MTR)|Tseung Kwan O Line
Quarry Bay (MTR)|Quarry BayQuarry BayTseung Kwan O (MTR)|Tseung Kwan O Line
Tai Koo (MTR)|Tai KooQuarry Bay
Sai Wan Ho (MTR)|Sai Wan HoSai Wan Ho
Shau Kei Wan (MTR)|Shau Kei WanShau Kei Wan
Heng Fa Chuen (MTR)|Heung Fa ChuenChai Wan
Chai Wan (MTR)|Chai WanChai Wan
Tseung Kwan O (MTR)|Tseung Kwan O Line
North Point (MTR)|North PointEastern district|EasternIsland Line (MTR)|Island Line
Quarry Bay (MTR)|Quarry BayEastern district|EasternIsland Line (MTR)|Island Line
Yau Tong (MTR)|Yau TongKwun TongKwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Tiu Keng Leng (MTR)|Tiu Keng LengRennie's MillKwun Tong (MTR)|Kwun Tong Line
Tseung Kwan O Station (MTR)|Tseung Kwan OTseung Kwan O
Hang Hau (MTR)|Hang HauTseung Kwan O
Po Lam (MTR)|Po LamTseung Kwan O
Tung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line (東涌線)
Tung Chung Station (MTR)|Tung Chung (東涌)Tung Chung
*Yam O (MTR)|Yam O (欣澳)
Under Construction
Yam ORailway to Hong Kong Disneyland
Tsing Yi (MTR)|Tsing Yi (青衣)Tsing Yi Airport Express (MTR)|Airport Express
Lai King (MTR)|Lai King (荔景)Kwai ChungTsuen Wan (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line
Nam Cheong (MTR)|Nam Cheong (南昌)Sham Shui PoKCRC West Rail (KCRC)|West Rail
Olympic (MTR)|Olympic (奧運)Tai Kok Tsui
Kowloon (MTR)|Kowloon (九龍)Tsim Sha TsuiAirport Express (MTR)|Airport Express
Hong Kong Station (MTR)|Hong Kong (香港)Central and Western district|Central and WesternAirport Express (MTR)|Airport Express, Central (MTR)|Central station for Tsuen Wan (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line and Island Line (MTR)|Island Line
*Tamar (MTR)|Tamar (planning)Central and Western district|Central
*Exhibition (MTR)|Exhibition (planning)Wan ChaiIsland Line (MTR)|Island Line
Airport Express (MTR)|Airport Express
Airport (MTR)|Airport (機場)Tung Chung
Tsing Yi (MTR)|Tsing Yi (青衣)Tsing YiTung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line
Kowloon (MTR)|Kowloon (九龍)Tsim Sha TsuiTung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line
Hong Kong Station (MTR)|Hong Kong (香港)Central, Hong Kong|CentralTung Chung (MTR)|Tung Chung Line: Central (MTR)|Central station for Tsuen Wan (MTR)|Tsuen Wan Line and Island Line (MTR)|Island Line

*Future station

Category:MTR stations|*

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