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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Kiko Wu


Kiko Wu (吳琪珂) is a Chinese American adult model, dancer, and actress.

In June of 2001, she was involved in a scandal when she had herself filmed naked on a busy public street and in a shopping mall in Taipei, Taiwan. After this, the councillor of Taipei's foreign affairs police division threatened to expel her from the country. She is perhaps one of the boldest public exhibitionists, having taken photoshoots on New York City subway trains, as well as in various locations in New York City.

According to her website, she was born 1976 in Guangdong, China, moved to New York when she was 12, and became involved in the adult industry as a means of financing her college education, initially working as an erotic dancer. She retired from dancing several years ago.

Besides photo and film collections, her website also contains a bulletin board and a diary, in which she describes her various adventures with carpentry, among other things. The tone of her writing is typically irreverent, a reflection of the attitude that prompted her to streak through a busy Taipei shopping district.

After the September 11 attacks, she went on a brief hiatus from porn production, remarking that she felt it disrespectful to be "shooting porn" at a time of national crisis.

Along with Miko Lee, Kiko Wu is one of a small handful of Asian American adult actresses and as of 2004 was the only Chinese American to attain prominence in the adult film industry. Much of her film features anal sex and lesbian activity, yet she has never released any photos or films that costar a male actor.

Kiko claims to maintain her own website, and is very handy with carpentry. Her film releases include:

  • Kiko's Big Toys, Fast Machines

  • Kiko Wu Public and Private

  • Kiko's Asian Girlfriends #1-4

Her website has not been updated in over a year, speculating a retirement from her 'pornography|adult entertainment' career

Kiko had breast implants midway through her career, upgrading from a B cup to a size DD. She also dyed her hair with streaks of near neon-red at approximately the same time. Current measurements:

  • Height: 5 ft (152.4 cm)

  • Weight: 93lbs (40.8 kg)

  • Bra/Waist/Hips: 34DD-22-32

The human body is a beautiful thing and provided you are not hurting anyone it is nothing to be ashamed of. — In a letter to Taipei councillor Chen Li-hui

  • Kiko Wu's official website Contains adult content and pop-up ads

  • Kiko's advice for erotic dancers - Contains adult content

  • Taipei Times articles:

  • * Porn star upsets city councilor - Contains adult content

  • * Porn star aims to placate councilor

  • Text of Kiko's letter to Chen Li-hui (Scroll to the middle of the page to read)

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