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March 8, 2014
Table of Contents
1 Introduction
Double Tap


Double Tap (槍王) is a 2000 Hong Kong movie starring Leslie Cheung, Alex Fong, Monica Chan and Ruby Wong. It was directed by Bruce Law Chi-Leung in 2000 and was one of Leslie Cheung's memorable action movies since A Better Tomorrow.


Leslie Cheung was casted as Rick, a shooting champion who is also a gun expert who tinkers with his pistols and modified its clip to perfect his technique known as 'double tap' which is the terminology where a shooter can place two exact shots in the same spot to maximize marksmanship in any competition.

In one of the shooting competitions, he goes up against another experienced top cop who is just as comfortable on the pistols as Rick, named Miu. Unfortunately, the competition was marred by a depressed day trader with his own subject for extreme furiosity. Mad with rage, the day trader threatened the situation so badly that Rick was forced to kill him with his trademark double tap before the former could cause harm to others as the trader was armed. Miu took note of this astounding technique in the post-mortem while Rick's experience from this encounter was strangely exciting to him and he discovers his lust for murdering others in cold blood.

As further murders were committed by an unknown gunman with the similar 'double tap' technique, the list of possible candidates by the police was narrowed down to just a few candidates but Miu was utterly convinced that Rick was also behind all those heinous crimes and hauls him up for investigation. Although Rick was released after an interrogation, Miu continued to pursue him and pressurise Rick to an extent that the murderer was suddenly possessed by rage and decided to take the law in his own hands. Rick went to his favorite shooting range and lay in wait for his pursuers. Arming himself with live rounds for his modified pistol, he engaged in a fierce gunfight with the cops and escaped at the first possible opportunity.

It later transpired that Rick was indeed haunted by his earlier murder at the competition but his insatiated lust for murder was further fuelled by his obsession with the 'double tap' technique as he sought to perfect it. Further, he has inadvertently discovered a new use for his pistols: to kill those who opposed him and those who pushed him to the brink.

  • Leslie Cheung - Rick (shooting champion turned rogue by a mentally disturbing shooting accident)

  • Alex Fong - Miu (Rick's chief competitor and nemesis)

  • Ruby Wong - Colleen (Rick's girlfriend)

  • Vincent Kuk - Vincent (gun enthusiast)

  • Joe Cheung - Joe (shooting competitor)

  • Monica Cheung - Ellen (Miu's wife who is also a doctor)

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